Making Waves is an independent podcast series seeking to amplify lesser heard perspectives on water. For First Nations People, water is a sacred source of life. The rivers are the veins of Country, carrying water to sustain all parts of our landscape. The wetlands are the kidneys, filtering the water as it passes through the land. At the most fundamental level clean water is a basic need for healthy humans, animals, plants and aquatic environments. There are so many interesting (and sometimes competing) demands for water. This podcast explores water from a range of diverse perspectives—amplifying lesser heard voices.

This five-part podcast is perfect road trip listening—five one hour episodes exploring how Australia can better manage its water resources—featuring stories from First Nations and lesser-heard voices from around this nation! We travelled from Brisbane to Cairns to Castlemaine to Broome to bring you this sizzling face to face audio, so that you can close your eyes and actually imagine yourself in this country. (Maybe not while you’re driving! Ha!) The whole series is up on Soundcloud now.

Listen to the trailer above, or read about the full series on its dedicated website.

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