This episode is about recycled water topics and opportunities.


  • Neil Gower and Kamal Love (Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation), on a Gubinje enterprise in Broome (2m 3s)
  • ‘Karlbi’ from Kalaji, featuring Matalja, by Mark Coles Smith (15m 37s)
  • Clare McAuliffe (Melbourne Water) on a recycled water plan – the Melbourne Sewerage Strategy) (19m 55s)
  • Students of Dharma school in Daylesford (30m 32s) 
  • Dr Kathy Cinque (water quality) and Suzie Sarkis (public health), on how we move past status quo approaches (34m 16s)
  • Bruce Edwards (recycled water assets: Underground Opera) (59m 14s)

Nominated Water Songs

  • Saltwater cowboy. Pilgrim Brothers
  • Smoke on the water. Deep Purple
  • Moon of Marin. Dead Kennedy’s
  • Raindrops keep falling on my head. BJ Thomas
  • The River. Bruce Springstein
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