Get an audio insight into an entrepreneur’s mind in this episode of Streets of Your Town featuring Craig Jones, the founder of Australian skincare brand MooGoo. He started making MooGoo cream in a saucepan in a tiny two bedroom apartment, and now runs a company producing more than 40 all natural skin care products all made in Australia, exporting to seven countries around the world, and employing around 100 people. We hear how he transformed a simple idea to help his mother’s psoriasis, into a thriving company that applies its environmentally friendly ethos to every aspect of the product chain, including recycling. And if you’ve ever wondered what’s really in that sunscreen that you lather all over your body, Craig Jones tells us how he is leading the charge calling for greater transparency and more rigorous testing of Australian sunscreen products, arguing that consumers deserve to know what is in their sunscreen, in the same way they know the ingredients in their food.