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Everyday Requiem: Review for Miro Magazine podcast

In this special podcast for Miro Magazine, Nance Haxton aka The Wandering Journo reviews Everyday Requiem, the latest production from Expressions Dance Company which debuted on Friday night in Brisbane Australia. This is the last show for Artistic Director Natalie Weir, and as Nance Haxton discovered, it’s a triumph for the company. The show continues at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre until October 20.

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Remarkable Tales: Dean Foley

Leading Indigenous entrepreneur Dean Foley has overcome many challenges to become a driving force supporting and empowering Australia’s First Nation’s youth. His Barayamal Centre of Entrepreneurship attracts young people from across the country, helping their Indigenous startups and businesses grow.

A Middle Ground

A Middle Ground: The State of Australia’s Democracy and The Drought Dilemma

In this episode, Nance speaks with Professor Anne Tiernan on the state of Australia’s democracy, the benefits of Westminster over a presidential model and why politicians must renew faith with voters. She also comes to grips with Australia’s Drought Dilemma, speaking to farmers on the ground, and Griffith University Climate Change Institute Professor Brendan Mackey and Economics Professor Fabrizio Carmignani about how government policies need to shift to better respond to the changing climate.

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ABC Bundaberg Interview with Me on New York Festivals Awards

ABC Bundaberg presenter Scott Lamond interviews me about the silver and bronze trophy I won at the New York Festivals Radio Awards for my radio documentary on Blackbirding. My radio documentary reported on the calls for better recognition of what more than 60,000 Pacific Islanders went through when they were brought from their island homes to Australia to work in horrendous conditions on sugar farms.

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Sisterhood Gone Wrong Chat

What happens when the sisterhood turns on it’s own tribe? Time to crack out the bikinis and go down to the beach in protest I say! I loved being part of this panel on the amazing Kelly Higgins-Devine’s ABC Brisbane evening show, in this segment of “What Do you Reckon?”, joined by the wonderful Akua Afriyie Ahenkorah.

Remarkable Tales

Remarkable Tales: Cape York Solar Innovation

An Aboriginal community in far north Queensland could hold the key to cleaner and more reliable power supply for isolated indigenous communities throughout Australia and the Pacific.The small township of Lockhart River on Cape York Peninsula is nestled in bushland, 800 kilometres north of Cairns, surrounded by pristine beaches and rainforest.

It’s idyllic, but incredibly remote. So much so it’s not even on the national power grid. Lockhart River relies on expensive and dirty diesel fuel to keep the lights on, and power the town’s businesses and homes. Until now. And it all comes down to solar power.

Streets of Your Town

Streets of Your Town: Natalie Weir

In this special edition collaboration episode with Miro Magazine we meet Artistic Director of modern dance ensemble Expressions Dance Company Natalie Weir, and find out about how her latest co-production with Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company “4 Seasons” is building bridges between the two cultures.

Streets of Your Town Streets of Your Town

Streets of Your Town: Arts&Minds

In this special episode collaboration with Miro Magazine we meet renowned contemporary fine artist and street artist Matt Stewart and emerging digital creative force Spectator Jonze. They’ve combined their artistic forces to raise money and awareness about mental health as part of the Arts&Minds project.